Bright neon lights and towering skyscrapers, political and social unrest, religious movements and doomsday cults, military police and warring biker gangs of troubled youths.

This is Neo-Tokyo, and it is about to E•X•P•L•O•D•E.

Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira changed the world. It's influence can be felt across popular culture and beyond.

To celebrate the year the Akira movie is set - the distant, dystopian future of 2019 - Black Mass is creating the NEO-TOKYO 2019 fanzine, dedicated to the world of Akira: Neo-Tokyo.

We're looking for creators to contribute short comics, original artwork and essays about the metropolis Neo-Tokyo, it’s inhabitants within, and its impact on our own world from a range of creators to this fanzine.

NEO-TOKYO 2019 will be a 32 page, saddle-stitched, slightly-smaller-than-A4 book printed using our signature 2-colour risograph process in black and red.



Short comics set within Neo-Tokyo.
We want to explore the rest of the city (that means no Kaneda, no Tetsuo), but secondary and tertiary characters like the Clown gang, Kei’s Resistance group, the military and the politicians are all fair game. The more original work the better.

Please submit a short written proposal and/or thumbnail sketches plus link(s) to examples of previous work.


✦ 2-6 pages 
✦ Page size(s): 195mm x 265mm
✦ Artwork can be full bleed
✦ 2 colour risograph print - black and red


Artwork inspired by Neo-Tokyo. We’re looking for full-size single pages or 2-page spreads that explore the the city and the people within it. Artwork of cityscapes, bikes streaking through the busy roads, quiet corners and clandestine meetings are encouraged. The only limit is your imagination!

Please submit a short written proposal and/or thumbnail sketches plus link(s) to examples of previous work. 


✦ 1-2 pages
✦ Page size(s): 195mm x 265mm
✦ Artwork can be full bleed
✦ 2 colour risograph print - black and red


Essays on the world of AKIRA, Neo-Tokyo. Topics such as cultural impact, aesthetic choices, design (architecture, graphic design, typography etc.), the biker gang rivalries or the socio-political landscape of Akira would all be great things to write and read about.

Please submit a proposal of the content of your essay up to 100 words with a previous example (or examples) of your writing. If you have an existing essay you wish to submit or update for NEO-TOKYO 2019, please link to it with a description of it and how you plan to adapt or update it, if it all.


✦ 1000-2000 words


SIGN-UP DEADLINE: 27/05/2019  |  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 17/06/2019

Funding, payment & Wholesale


We will select a roster of creators after the submission deadline of 30/05/19.

In mid June we will launch a Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders of the book to cover the upfront costs of producing the book including print and postage and packaging. 

At Black Mass we aim to produce high quality, limited runs of products. Our goal is to initially print 100-200 copies of the fanzine, though we may add further stretch goals to the Kickstarter based on interest and demand.


We are a small publisher with limited funds creating books for love, not money. We always try to keep the retail price as low as we can so as many people can enjoy the books as possible.

However, we want contributors to be compensated for their work as well as be able to hold and feel the book itself.

As such, once printed, comic contributors will receive 5 copies of the book, single and double page artists will receive 3 and essayists will also receive 3.

If you would prefer to be compensated in another way please contact us directly to discuss.


Contributors will also be able to purchase additional copies of the book at a reduced price to sell online themselves or at at conventions.

If you are a retailer and would like to enquire about wholesale prices for the book, please contact Mitch at