小口 "Koguchi"

NOUN (Japanese)
Translates to 'trimmed edge', meaning the outer edge of the pages of a book.


Koguchi Press is a small-press comic publisher from the UK, working with folks from around the world to make kick-ass books.

We've been making comics, zines, prints, and merch since 2015 (when we used to be called Black Mass). Our focus is on sci-fi, fantasy and anime/manga.

Stock Our Books

Want our books in your store? We can sell our own brand products (Koguchi Comics) wholesale to retailers around the world.

If you'd like to discuss stocking our books in your store, please email hello@koguchipress.com.

Let's Work Together!

We publish comics by creators from around the world. We are always looking for more exciting work to publish and people to work with and if it fits into our publishing plans.

If you feel like your work would be a good fit with our brand, please email hello@koguchipress.com or use the from on the contact page.

Please note we only publish a handful of standalone books per year in addition to our new anthology magazine. Comics that are stand-alone (meaning not part of a series) are more likely to be something we are interested in.