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Jenny Mure

Badlands Anthology

Badlands Anthology

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Dare you enter the Badlands....?

A black and white comic anthology from a plethora of artists telling stories from a variety of desolate locales.

Featured artists:

Alfie Garland (@echo__river)
B. Mure (@beemure/@b_mure)
Sajan Rai (@planetsmudge/@oh_hai_ku/
Tiffany Baxter - Me! (@tiffbaxterillus)
Zu Dominiak (@comicszu)
Kaiser (@thekaisermakes/
Steven Affleck (@stevenaffleck)
Christopher Neal-Knight (@cdpnhypenk/
Rebecca Elise (@rebeccaelysium)
Jenny Mure (@littlemure/@littlemure_)
Leah Cameron ( / @_leahyeah)
Sar Cousins (@tocsidiser/ @6knifes)
Ken Mcfarlane (@kenmcfarlane)
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