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Black Mass

Neo-Tokyo 2019: An Akira Fanzine

Neo-Tokyo 2019: An Akira Fanzine

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Bright neon lights and towering skyscrapers, political and social unrest, religious movements and doomsday cults, military police and warring biker gangs of troubled youths. This is Neo-Tokyo, and it is about to E•X•P•L•O•D•E.

To celebrate Akira and year it is set, the distant, dystopian future of 2019 we created NEO-TOKYO 2019, a risograph fanzine, dedicated to the world of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, the people and places at the edges of Tetsuo and Kaneda’s stories, and the impact of Otomo’s dystopian vision of a future Tokyo. 

Originally funded through our successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2019, now available online.



  • Sub A4
  • Edition of 300 copies
  • 40 pages (including cover)
  • Black and Red risograph ink on Munken Lynx Rough
  • Matte Laminated Cover
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