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Sword Hunt #1 - By Bon Idle

Sword Hunt #1 - By Bon Idle

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By Bon Idle

Meet Dad the Hero, a double-denim wearing, mullet-rocking, moustachioed macho man in the style of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Roscoe, a cowardly young goblin on his first adventure outside of his small village. These unlikely allies begin their quest to track down and protect the 7 Demon Swords from a mysterious evil force that threatens to destroy the Kingdom of Astal.

This 80’s, Dungeons and Dragons-inspired comic combines the original 36-page Sword Hunt comic from 2018 (“Dad the Hero”), the 6-page short story from 2019 (“Family Reunion”) plus a brand new 24-page story (“What is Strength”).

This book is the first proper volume of the Sword Hunt story, with volume 2 coming soon!

  • 72 Pages
  • 175 x 225 mm
  • Black and white interior


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